Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a stepwise technique to relax different muscle groups in your body with the goal of reaching a state of deep relaxation.   Learning how to relax and keep tension low in your body can be very effective in managing pain and anxiety.   You are invited to follow a guided exercise that takes about 15 minutes that I have recorded for your convenience.

It really works best if you set aside some time for this when you won’t be interrupted.  Perhaps you want to put a  “Please do not disturb” sign up, or just ask your family or housemates to not interrupt you for 15 minutes.   Sit comfortably in a chair  (ideally  one with armrests) and follow these instructions: Click here.  Please do not listen to the recording while driving !


Free Groups:

Introduction to the Realization Process® – Embodiment Meditation

I am happy to announce that I am finally offering a meditation class based on the teachings of Judith Blackstone, PhD, founder of the Realization Process®. I have been certified as an Embodiment Teacher since May of 2018, and it is time for me to share her gifts.

“The Realization Process is a series of practices for opening the body, heart and mind to nondual reality. In this approach, the radical openness of nondual awakening is found through inward contact with the internal space of your body. In this way, you uncover a quality-rich, authentic experience of yourself as an individual at the same time as you transcend your individuality. You uncover the ground of your being as the luminous transparency of fundamental consciousness, pervading your body and environment as a unity.” – Judith Blackstone, PhD.

The last class was meeting on 4 Saturdays in February and March 2020

There have been no classes since then due to COVID-19, but new classes will start once it feels safe to meet in a group again.     

This first set of classes will guide students to make deep contact with themselves and be open to the environment. No previous meditation experience is necessary. An open and curious mind is helpful.  

The classes are free of charge. There will be an opportunity to give a love offering to selected charities.

I am asking for a commitment to attend all four classes. If interested, please call me at 919-998-9177, and I will help you to determine whether the class is right for you.

The class size will be limited to eight students. If the demand is greater, I will offer more classes in the future.

To learn more about the Realization Process®, visit



In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Verena Socolar, PLLC is offering appointments via telecommunications.

For appointments or questions call 919-998-9177