The following reviews were first published by self-verified patients on the Vitals online database.

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Patient for over a year.

I began working with Dr. Socolar (Verena) for medication management and therapy over a year ago. She is compassionate and insightful as a therapist and astute and mindful with regard to medication management. Before seeing Dr. Socolar, I was struggling with untreated anxiety and adult ADHD. I had tried various antidepressants but they all seemed to make me lethargic. Dr. Socolar started me on a low dose of Zoloft and switched my ADHD medication to an extended release pill. She was very careful to review my health history and reactions to past medications. I am now on the best medications for my needs, and Dr. Socolar continues to work with me to make sure my treatment remains on track with no side effects. Dr. Socolar is also an excellent therapist and one of my best advocates. She has helped me process a long list of issues including childhood trauma and grief. I always feel heard and understood when I am in session with Dr. Socolar — I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a dependable, considerate, and knowledgeable mental health care provider.


Patient oriented, smart, compassionate

I enthusiastically recommend Verena. Her approach is scientific, but also balanced with holistic thinking. Verena has been working with me for several months as I have been trying to overcome some prescription dependency issues. Her method of treatment emphasizes straight talk and flexibility. She has really helped me by listening to me and accommodating my needs. I highly recommend her. She has helped me to get real results and feel in control of my treatment!


Trusted Provider

​I was referred to Dr. Socolar by a previous provider who was retiring. My experience has been very positive. Dr. Socolar involves me in every decision about my care. She listens and is always patient in explaining her thinking and the options there are to consider. ​She’s extremely knowledgeable, pleasant to be around, and I trust her. I’d recommend her to anyone.


Trustworthy and helpful

Been a client a little over a year. Always really accommodating and helpful!


Trusted for years and very pleased

Since being under Dr. Socolar’s care for over three years, my depression and anxiety is well under control and I am blossoming. I first went to her as a sophomore in college struggling to even attend classes, much less do well and even pass. After heeding her advice and regimenting medications after finding the best ones that worked for me, I have now graduated and landed my dream job in NYC. If I could take her to the Big Apple with me to continue checkups I most certainly would. My last appointment with her was bittersweet as I am of course excited to move on to the next stage of my life, but reflecting on how much I’ve grown and bloomed since first stepping into her office three short years ago. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her working with me to find the best medications, talking me through tough times, and always being flexible with my crazy schedule.